6 types of energy

how do they work????


  • energy is used all around the hold earth. people us all types of energy.
  • say like energy has the ability to do work fast or slower.
  • say like kinetic energy when have an foot ball and you got it lock in am and got it were you wan,t it to go that,s kinetic energy.
  • say like potential energy stored energy that results the position or snap of an object.
  • say like mechanical energy is when kinetic energy or potential energy attacks which motion or potential.
  • say like thermal energy is when the total rate and kinetic energy of the potential energy in an object.
  • say like electrical energy is when... say like you have a phone charger. You put your charger in to the plug on the wall. then the electrical energy comes from the wall then it goes to the phone charger.
  • say like chemical energy that never runs out we all the time us that energy. we really need to us this type of energy.
  • say like nuclear energy comes from the sun that,s were we get our energy from. if we need nuclear energy to power up our house we need to us the solar panels. then wait for the sun to come out.so we cam us the sun.s energy to power the solar panels so the houses can get energy and power.
  • say like electromagnetic energy is a form of energy that travels through objects.
  • say like the law of conservation of energy the role that energy cannot be destroyed.
  • say like matter is any thing that has mass and space