By: Alex Nowak

Basic Information

  • Element Name - Alxium
  • Atomic Mass - 63
  • Symbol - Al
  • Discoverers - Mr. and Mrs. Nowak of Richardson Texas
  • Occurrence - Large amounts found at Whataburger. Always has to be doing something, gets bored easy.

Physical Properties

  • Surface Properties - white tan skin with yellow hair and blue eyes
  • Boils when people lie.
  • Melts when people talk behind your back.
  • Can cause happiness if talked to.
  • Can be found in various states: sad when hungry, happy when gets a good meal.
  • Becomes stubborn and unyielding when doesn't get good grades

Chemical Properties

  • It is repelled by insects.
  • Is attracted to nice weather and the beach.
  • May explode spontaneously when gets annoyed.
  • Requires copious amounts of dr. pepper.
  • Is inert if comfy with a good movie.
  • will repel from insects.
  • is impervious to bad attitude.
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