New Manchester High School

July 2020 Summer_3

Principal's Message

Greeting Parents and Students,

I hope you are continuing to enjoy your summer. We have been working hard to ensure that your return to school is safe and seamless. Thanks to those who was able to join me for our virtual meeting. The information below summarizes the call. I have also included a FAQ sheet for your information. I look forward to seeing you guys on August 10!

FAQ - Return to School Options

Return to School Options

Face-to-Face Instruction

  • Traditional classroom instruction

  • Students return to school with social distancing and other safety protocols in place

  • Bus transportation available

  • Transition to Digital Learning if COVID-19 conditions warrant

School-Based Digital Learning (SBDL)

  • Students stay at home, but participate in digital learning that is streamed from the base school.

  • Students receive instruction directly from NMHS teachers.

  • Students follow regular school schedule of classes.

  • Students will log in to each teacher’s Google Classroom during the class period to watch live feed of classroom instruction.

  • SBDL students may opt to return to traditional face-to-face school at the end of the first 9 weeks.

  • SBDL students will keep the same class schedule and teachers from SBDL to traditional face-to-face.

  • SBDL students may participate in after school extracurricular activities and athletics.

  • SBDL will be discontinued once DPH deems COVID-19 is no longer a public health threat.

FLEX Academy

  • Stand-alone, K-12 virtual academy, permanent program

  • Separate staff and principal (

  • Courses will be virtual, with teachers available for support and tutoring

  • Students work at their own pace

  • Good for highly-motivated students

  • FLEX students may participate in extracurriculars beginning 2nd semester

School Safety Protocols

New Manchester High School is committed to creating the safest possible environment for students and staff. Enhanced Safety Protocols will be put into place with the goal of minimizing risk. The school and district are still developing a final list of safety protocols, determining what is feasible and gathering additional information. The list below is not comprehensive, but a draft of some practices that will be followed.


  • Strongly Recommended in common areas
  • Strongly recommended in classrooms
  • Masks/Shields required at all times for Faculty/Staff


  • Breakfast - Grab-n-Go, starting at 7:40
  • Lunch will be eaten in cafeteria with social distancing in place (lunch schedules are being created)
  • Touchless, cashless check-out


  • Single-direction travel
  • Stairways will be one direction


  • Social distancing provided as much as is possible.
  • Masks required
  • Limit pair/group work
  • Encourage students/staff to bring hand sanitizer and/or wash hands frequently. (students sanitize their own areas when they come to class)
  • Social distancing will be encouraged at all times.


  • Each student will be issued a Chromebook.

  • Teachers will utilize Google Classroom (face-to-face and SBDL).

  • Hot Spots will be available for students who do not have WiFi at home.

Parent Notes and Reminders

  • Back to School Bash July 31(9th and new students only) - more information to come
  • Schedules will be in Parent Portal within next couple of weeks
  • New school start date - August 10

  • New School Day Hours - 8:20-3:25 (15 minutes earlier than last year)

  • Check website often throughout the summer.

Bridge to Algebra 2: Summer Jumpstart 2020

TO: Parents/Guardians

FROM: NMHS Math Team

Subject: Bridge to Algebra 2: NMHS Summer Jumpstart, 2020

DATE: July 6, 2020

If your student has successfully completed Geometry from the previous school year, it is important that he/she continues to refine and master important skills to ensure readiness for continued mathematical success. The concepts and computation skills learned in Algebra 1 and Geometry are the foundation of success in Algebra 2. The New Manchester High School Math Team has prepared a selection of necessary prerequisite skills that we strongly suggest our students practice on to help prepare them for a successful 2020-2021 school year in Algebra 2. This practice can be directly accessed by following the link, This platform is free and will only require that students create an account or use an existing account. Once the student joins the “Bridge to Algebra 2: NMHS Summer Jumpstart” class, a member of our math team will update the group roster so that your student will have access to all prerequisite activities that are needed to help bridge the gap in preparation for Algebra 2. It is strongly suggested that your student complete these activities by the first day of school. Student results will be monitored by a member of our math team and will be used in determining readiness for Algebra 2. The link above, along with other helpful math links, can be found by following the link, NMHS Summer Jumpstart 2020-21.

Thank you in advance for partnering with us to ensure your student’s academic success.