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Do u want to hear about typhus. Read the fascinating fact flyer about typhus. You wont regret it,. And u can also learn how to prevent getting it . But if u don't ...

The Treatment to Typhus

From the information I found it says," Doctors use antibiotics, particularly the tetracycline's and chloramphenicol , to treat typhus diseases. They also use specially prepared vaccines to prevent the diseases.
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What is Typhus

Typhus is a disease that you get from blankets or ticks , fleas , lice , mites. It very rare to get that disease in the U.S.A. From the information I found it says, "Typhus disease will may be transmitted from person to person or from animal to people".
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How to Get Typhus

You can get typhus by bacteria and fleas . You can get typhus from a lot of things . They can be transmitted from animal to person or person to person. It is not normal to get in the U.S.A or America . A lot of jews in the Holocaust got this disease, that is how they died.Mostly