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Ancient China vs Ancient Greece


Let's compare Ancient China and Ancient Greece. There are so many things different about them, but there are also many things in common.

Ancient China

Ancient China is very interesting. China is one of the largest countries in the world. It stretches over 5,000 km (3,100 miles). The weather was subtropical and subarctic. The population in 742 CE was about 50 million people, when Canada had over 34 million and USA had 308 million. Even though there are a lot of people in China, not everyone is rich. In fact, most people are poor. First are the Imperial jobs (Emperor, Empress, Child Emperor). Then are the noble jobs (King, Queen, Princess). Then are the people who made their way based on their intelligence. Then the poor farmers. Some lucky farmers were not poor, though. Some other jobs had to do with building, such as building The Great Wall Of China.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has many amazing facts. Ancient Greece takes place in Europe. In Greece there are 3 provinces: Olympia, Athens and Sparta. the weather is usually hot and dry. It doesn't rain much often. There were both rich and poor people. The main and important food in Ancient Greece was Grapes to make wine, wheat for bread and barley and olives for olive oil. Olive oil was used in many things. Here is the Ancient Greek diet: Breakfast would be light. The food would usually be a piece of bread or barley dipped in wine. The wine would be mixed with olive oil and water. Lunch would also be light. Along with bread, Greeks would eat fruits like apples, figs, pears and grapes. Dinner was the main meal. They would eat fish, birds or wild game. If you were rich, you could also eat meat. When you would finish eating, you would wipe your hands with bread. Then you toss the dirty bread to the dogs so the dogs would eat and they would clean it up.

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How are they alike?

Ancient China and Ancient Greece both are alike in a way. They both had gods, rulers, different cultures, sellers, similar jobs and more.

How are they different?

Ancient China and Ancient Greece are also different and unique. They have different foods, temples, traditions, clothes and more.

By: Megha Warrier