Haunted House for Sale

Asking price is $1

  1. 4 bathrooms with slime oozing down the wall
  2. 8 bedrooms with dead zombies in the closets
  3. 1 basement with goblins and ghouls and vampires
  4. 1 kitchen that leads into a cellar that has chainsaws and a place for farm animals
  5. 4 graveyard were zombies in each of the graves and the zombies come alive at night
  6. is surrounded by woods and the woods have creepy sounds its also filled with wolfs and coyotes that always brake into your house and eats all of you food and steals your money
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it also comes with this monkey. But the monkey needs to eat 8 times a day and it sleeps 16 hours a day and doodoos everywhere and watches you sleep and before long you will be possessed.