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My Experience

My experience in photo journalism was amazing. I learned so much about photo taking. Also made new friends. My favorite part of this class was photo shop. it was fun learning how to remove blemishes, blur things out, add color and a whole bunch of cool things. my least favorite part was the 5 photo story with captions because no one really wanted to do it so it was boring. i feel more aware about cameras and using them. photo journalism was a success.

camera operations

  • SD insert- look at the bottom of your camera. there is place where you slide and push out to open. you turn the front of your SD card towards you and upside down. push in and your SD card is inserted.
  • remove batteries- on the bottom there is a thing you slide and push out. also where your SD card is located. remove your old batteries. there are symbols around the holes + or -. if its a + the side of the battery with a bump is up. opposite for a - symbol.
  • on & off- on the top of your camera you will see words that say " on/off " slide the button to the right. to turn off just slide it the same way.
  • open the flash- on top of your camera there should be a button poking out. click the button and it should pop out. when done then just push the flash down until you here a click.
  • eye level- there is button around the screen. it says " EVF/LCD " click the bottom and look through the eye hole. click again to go back to full screen.
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Tiffany Harvey

a lens and a "i wish i could actually make a snow man. but Texas won't let me."

Law and Ethics

  • libel
  • post no photo with out permission
  • credibility