Linell Peralta


Taizé is a type of prayer that practices silence with icons, candles, incense and prayer stations. During this prayer, short chants are repeated frequently. It centers around music, prayer, and silence so you can have a moment of silence and solitude in the presence of God.


The Taizé Community was founded by Frère Roger in 1940. Although originally from Switzerland, he eventually lived in Taizé. In September 1940, he bought a house that would become the home of the Taizé community and in 1941, Frère Roger published a few brochures on the aspects of a Christ-centered communal life with one another. The brochures caused many men to join the community over the years.

Spiritual Benefits

Since this type of prayer highly focuses on the use of silence, you can have the chance to have a moment of silence with God and open both your mind and soul to Him.
This type of prayer makes use of vocal, meditation, and contemplation.