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Training Workshops for teachers, facilitators, mentors

We organize a series of workshops specifically designed for teachers, facilitators and mentors (both practitioners and academics) within the Erasmus+ KA1Staff Mobility Program. Workshops last for five days (plus two days for travel, all together seven days). One of the main goals of these workshops is to cover subjects which are normally not covered in any curricula and provide participants a chance to gain first hand experience.

In the following video, you can see the methodologies we use in our workshops.
We offer a five-day training program with a workshop each day on the following topics:

1. Branding in education: In this workshop, participants will learn about branding concept (one step further than marketing) and how to develop branding strategies for libraries and cultural institutions. They will also prototype branding services and campaigns for cultural institutions.
2. Greening : In this workshop, participants will learn about green concept, green buildings, practices and green ICT services. They will prototype green services and/or greening campaigns for any institution.
3. Design Thinking/Service Design: In this workshop, participants will learn how to design user centered educational services by the use of Lego® Serious Play®, Visual thinking, Business Model You®, and Empathy Maps.
4. Gamification in Service Design: In this workshop, participants will learn about gamification concept and how to apply it in service design. They will prototype educational services or activities by the use of gamification concept
5. Project Design: In this workshop, participants will learn about project idea development and design. They will prototype a educationa/working oriented project.

In the following video, you can see one of the outcomes of our branding & gamification workshops.


• to explore new and trendy subjects which could be useful in your professional activities
• to participate in practical workshops and prototype
• to be trained by a multidisciplinary team of experts
• to have fun while you are learning
• to have a unique experience of working with innovative methodologies
• to learn how to use innovative methodologies in your work place
• to meet with fellow professionals from around Europe
• to have opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange

In the following video, you can see how workshops are structured
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Traning workshops will be organized in different European cities.
In 2019-2020 they will be in Amsterdam & Barcelona. Exact days of the workshops will be announced. Following periods are considered however final decision will be based on demand:

Sent an email to request information


Price for a five-day workshop, including training and materials, is € 350

Erasmus+ provides funding for staff training under the KA1 staff mobility program. Individuals working at adult educational centers, schools, Higher Education Institutes or any organisations that applied and received the ERASMUS+ KA1 staff mobility funding are eligible to participate. Professionals (both practitioners and academics) are included. Participants’ organisations are in charge of applying for the mobility grant. Applications are made to the National Agency of the country in which the applicant organisation is established.

The funding consists out of the following elements.

• Travel: amount depends on the distance (varies between € 360 - 530)
Subsistence: (training days + travel days) x daily allowance (daily allowance varies according to country between € 60-120)
• Course fee: fixed at € 70 per course day (€ 350 for a five-day workshop)
Organisational costs: € 350 per participant (for the payment of course fee)
• Special needs support: depends on individual situation

All you need is to make sure that your organization is made the application before the deadline (February 2nd, 2016) and you are included in the total number required for staff mobility. We can help you and guide you through the application procedure. Don't hesitate to contact us.
• Make a pre-registration with us just by filling the form "Click here"
• In the pre-registration form indicate the number of people from your organisation who will participate in the traning workshops
• In the pre-registration form indicate the periods you prefer for training
• In the pre-registration form indicate if you require help for completing the application form
• Receive confirmation from us
• Ask your organization to make the application to the National Agency by the deadline February 2nd, 2016
• Make sure that you are included in the number of staff mobility requested
• Contact us immediately after your application is approved. Selection results are expected in June 2016.
• Recieve confirmation from us
• Complete payment for workshop fee

These KA1 Traning Workshops are a result of a training developed by or see


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