Heidi Hernandez

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The Case of The Three Mice of the Murder of Ms. Mary

The three mice were arrested for intruding into a Ms. Mary's home. They were to to court and Judge Cheese was to resolve this case. The Public Defender of the three mice stated that they didn't intrude Mr. Mary's home, she had set them a trap and defended themselves. On the other hand the prosecution said that the three indictments did intrude Ms. Mary's home and have anything to have threat them to "defend" themselves. The witness, Ms. Mary's cat, was called for subpoena against the murder of Ms. Mary. The defendants asked for a bench trial and were perjury during each time. During Arraignmemt, the 2 mice entered for plea bargains because they only saw food and acted in defense in the stabbing of Ms. Mary, the other entered the plead to get a lesser sentence and tell the truth of what really had occured. The Petit Jury asked what their decision was, and all stated that the 3 mice were guilty, as well as the petit jury, the Grand Jury stated there was enough evidence to charge the three mice guilty of the murder of Ms. Mary. The verdict of the case was none of the mice were allowed bail nor were acquitted and were convicted of a felony, they were guilty of the murder of Ms. Mary. The three mice then asked for an appeal, but each court denied there case. Therefore, the 2 of the mice were sent to federal prison for a life sentence and the other 10 years of federal prison.