Socrates Public School

50 year old Philosopher Socrates, is making his own school.


My client Socrates has plans of making his very own school in Athens where he and other teachers can teach students Philosophy, Math, Reading, and more. Socrates is a 50 year old philosopher and critic of other philosophers, he is loyal to Athens, and already has built a small following.

Who will he hire?

Socrates will hire 17 to 20 guards, 1 math teacher, 1 reading teacher, 1 language arts teacher, 1 PE teacher, 1 pottery teacher, 1 social studies teacher, 1 Greek religion teacher, 1 science teacher, and lastly a group of 35 builders who go by the name of "Cecrops Constructors."

What supplies will he need?

24 marble pillars, 210 wooden desks, 270 wooden chairs, 1000+ marble tiles, ink, papyrus, 22 wooden tables, 21 wooden shelves, scrolls, reeds, marble walls, marble roofing, marble flooring, clay, wooden wheels, a kiln, charcoal, paint, and oil lamps.

How long will it take to make the school?

Construction of the school should take about 23 to 30 months.
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How will this school strengthen democracy?

If we have smarter citizens, they will make better decisions when they vote.
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How will this school expand the empire?

If Athens gets more educated citizens, we just may end up with some great minds in the future to conquer more land.
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How will this school Glorify Athens?

Students will glorify Athens at the start of every day and will be taught to be as loyal to Athens as humanly possible.
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How many students can fit in this school?

There is room for about 270 students at one time and nine periods including lunch. There are 30 students in one classroom at a time. And lastly each period lasts 45 minutes and you stay with your class of 30 students all year round.
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What are students going to do in lunch for 45 minutes?

We highly advise the students to talk to each other however we supply them with wheels to roll around with sticks, and rocks to kick.
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How do students know to move to the next period?

One of the guards will be chosen at the start of a period to watch the hour glass. After the hourglass finished which takes 45 minutes, he will alert all of the guards who will than go to the classes and let the teachers know it is the next period.
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