Endangered Animals of Asia

The Dugong


  • Ranges to at least 48 countries
  • Weighs anywhere from 250kgs to 910kgs
  • Caught and used for meat and oil
  • They have two flippers that average about 30-50 cms in length

(ICUN Redlist)

Food Chain

  • The Natural Predators are the Sharks and mainly Humans

(ICUN Redlist)


- Their Main habitat is located in Western Australia

- Lives in Shark's Bay

-The area is the sea grass meadows

- Also are found Pacific Oceans in warm shallow seas in areas where sea grass is found.

(ICUN Redlist)


Dugongs cannot hold their breath under water for very long. The adaptation is their heavy bones so that they can stay underwater and also their liver, as it removes all of the salt from the plants it eats.

(ICUN Redlist)

Critical Info

The Dugongs are hunted by the aboriginal hunters, Australians, for meat and oil. Mostly the Dugong deaths occur when they are accidentally caught in the fishing nets. They are such a gentle creature that does not harm the environment and they are slowly becoming extinct. As of 2009 the Dugong population is at 10,000.

(ICUN Redlist)

Dugongs eating their greens

Taha Alam

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