Genetics Project

Welcome to the World of Genetics!!

What is Genetics and who discovered it?

Genetics is the branch of Biology that studies heredity. Gregor Mendel discovered the Genetic traits, by discovering this he had studied pea plants.

Contrasting genetic terms

Dominant Allele over powers the recessive alleles, the recessive alleles masks behind the dominant allele. Heterozygous is when there is a dominant and a recessive allele(EX. Pp). Homozygous is two identical alleles(EX. PP or pp). Genotype is the genetic coding(EX. PP, pp, Pp) Pheno type is what the physical apperance of it will be(EX. PP being a Purple plant)

Punnett Squares and its genotypes and phenotypes

AA=Big Apple          Aa=Big Apple          aa=Little Apple          Genotype:AA=25% Aa=50% aa=25%                                   Phenotype:Big Apple=75% Little Apple=25%

Incomplete Dominance & Codominance

Incomplete domincance is when you have the Dominant trait such as purple being dominant and white being the recessinve. Incomplete dominance would be a purple cat with white spots. Codominance is when you have red and white and being codominant making a pink cat.

Multiple Alleles and how they're used!

Presence of more than two alleles for a genetic trait. Multiple alleles determine what kind of traits you inheritance.

Sex-linked traits

Sex-linked traits are determined by the females, because only the X can have a sex-linked trait. The Y can't carry any sex-linked traits.