Global Warming

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What is Global Warming?

Global Warming is the increase of the temperature within the atmosphere of Earth.

What is the impact of Global Warming?

Global warming causes heating of the Earth's atmosphere which causes melting of ice around the North and South poles. Once the ice melts fully the water levels of the ocean will rise causing possible flooding of many coastlines dramatically changing the shape and size of the continents. Along with melting ice comes the extinction of certain habitats causing animals to die since they have no where else to go.

How did Global Warming start?

Global warming started at the point of the industrial revolution. All of the Co2 emissions we put out through burning coal was tremendous. They have been building up since the 1800's and it has just been getting worse with car emissions and factory emissions. After figuring out this is happening we are now trying to figure out ways to stop it, or at least slow it down.

Can we stop it?

There are some ways to slow it down through simple things like recycling. You can help by not using so much water when doing everyday things like taking a shower. To help reduce some emissions you can use a bike or public transportation to get around. You can also use more energy efficient bulbs over the standard bulbs that use more.