By: Dustin george Merrill


Vroom! Do you know what's coming at 38MPH? That's the Ocelot! It's probably coming to eat its prey, the deer. The Ocelot loves deer, rodents and lizards. After reading this report about the Ocelot, you will love them. This report will tell you so many facts, you will know all about the Ocelot. Zoo We Mama!

Appearance & Classification

WOW! the size of an Ocelot is 5.8 to 8.7 in length. The AMAZING Ocelot is 1 foot tall. The males average weight is 25 pounds the females weight is 20. The Ocelots colors are tan, red. grey and black. The Ocelots skin cover is made of fur.

An interesting body part that the Ocelot has spots all over its body. The Ocelot is a mammal. The Ocelot is very rare! It is almost EXTINCTED!!!! Ohhh Nooo! Humans hunt them for their skin and cubs.

Habitat Information

The AMAZINGLY COOL Ocelot lives in South America & some parts of Texas. Ocelots live in weather that is humid. The pack (a group of ocelots) can live in topical jungles, grasslands and the marshes. That's AMAZING. The Ocelot can live in very high temperature because their fur can keep them warm or cold and adapts its body temp. That;s my research of the habitat info. KAPOW!

Predator & Prey

The Ocelot has many predators. The jaguar, puma, and the harpy eagle are the Ocelots enemies. Even HUMANS kill them. They do it for their hide. That's why there SO CLOSE TO BEING EXTINCT. Holy moly. The Ocelot is a carnivore. So the Ocelot eats meat like rodents, lizards and deer. Those are the Ocelots favorite foods.

Fascinating facts

There are many interesting facts about the Ocelot

1. Another name for the ocelot is the painted leopard

2. The ocelot can live for 8-12 years.

3. Their babies are called kittens

4. The female can have 1-3 kittens.


Yeah! I hope that you loved the report about the Ocelot. It was fun but hard to research. I hope you learned a lot because I did!