Kindergarten "Hoppenings"

Ms. Williams' class January 15, 2016

Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • January 15th - End of the 2nd Nine Weeks

  • January 18th - MLK Jr. Holiday - No School

  • January 19th-Teacher workday-No school for students
  • January 13th-27th

    SPCA Drive (more information below)

  • January 22nd - PTO Variety Show Casting Call - 2:30-3:30 pm (Cafeteria)
  • January 22nd-Dress for Wacky Tacky day!

Now that they weather is getting colder, please send your child with a coat, hat, gloves/mittens for recess. Unless it is below freezing or a strong windchill we do go out for recess and sometimes PE.

Please remember to check your child's homework/notes folder daily

SPCA Drive January 13-27

The SPCA needs help in order to do their wonderful work caring for homeless dogs and cats. Crozet Elementary School Leadership Club is sponsoring a drive to collect items for our local SPCA. Please consider sending in what you can. I will be sending a follow up email with an attachment showing what supplies are needed at the SPCA. Thank you!


We will be busy making fun winter crafts this week. We will make and decorate snowman, learn about symmetry and make a pair of mitten and finally glittery snow flakes to decorate our windows. Maybe with all of these winter creations, if will actually feel like winter!


During math time, the children have been learning about data collection. They are learning to ask a question, collect data and then display the data, which is then used to answer the question. The children have participated in whole group graphing activities as well as creating individual graphs.


We began our matter unit with a fun science experiment. The students discovered that a gas (carbon dioxide) can be made from mixing a liquid (vinegar) and a solid (baking soda). When these two things combined a gas was created and blew up a balloon. The children were surprised and excited to see how this worked! I've included a short video that the students might enjoy watching. Also you can try this at home! We will be exploring the concepts of solids, liquids and gases next week.
BALLOON BLOW UP Easy Kids Science Experiments


We were excited to travel to France and have our passports stamped, once again with Mrs. de Wekker, Christophe's mom. We learned how to count to 10 in French, played number bingo and made the French flag. We also reviewed what vocabulary we have already learned and looked at the USA and France using Google Earth. Below is a link that we used in class today. It teaches numbers in French from 1-10. We are impressed with how much French the students are learning.
Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.


The children learned about Martin Luther King Jr. and why we celebrate him with a national holiday. We also learned the he believed all people should be treated fairly and equally by reading our Let's Find Out magazine. Using this resource gives the students practice in reading non-fiction and well as teaching them social studies and science in a fun way! See the link to Let's Find Out below in the website section.

Maker Time

We had fun making and creating winter things, today! We brainstormed a list of winter weather, activities and what animals do in the winter, and then the students chose something to create using "junk". They created snowmen, ice castles, bears hibernating, frozen ponds, bird feeders, bird houses and igloos. We have so much fun learning and showing our thinking during maker time! Please remember to send in any items that you think we could use during this time!

Websites that we use! username-crozet, password-star click sign in, click student, password-crozetk2015 reading website (click on the link and then click on your child's name)