Visit Doncaster review

Alice Beck

What am I going to do?

For my research task I am going to research and review the website about places to visit in

In this report I am going to assess the design of the website and describe what features there are and how easy it is to access the different parts of the website. I will also explain the positives of the website and how the website could be improved

What feautures are there on the website?

.An introduction explaining the history of Doncaster

.Hyperlinks to various websites such as a visit Doncaster brochure site

.What services and places to visit Doncaster offers

.What conference venues there are

.Areas of where to visit such as countryside, historical, places to visit, shopping, sport and leisure, where to stay and wining and dining



. Brochures

.Local weather





How easy is it to access the website?

.The website has main panels labelled as Conference venues, news, events and brochure requests. Under these main panels there are sub sections containing more information. For example under the events panels, there are sub sections labelled as October 2013. November 2013, December 2013 so to access the variety of different events available at different times is easy to access. Also, the news panel is neatly organised into different categories such as Doncaster's Mallard, I love DN and Wildlife Park with a picture to illustrate so visitors to the website can find different areas to visit and then learn more about these places of interest. The website is also easy to navigate around because there is a section named accessibility which tells you a variety of ways to find your way around the website such as Alt 0 then enter takes you to the home page. Also, there is a search panel to find what you want easily, images and graphics as well as hyperlinks to other available websites. Overall, the website is very easy to navigate around.

What are the positives of the website?

.images and graphics to illustrate

.hyperlinks to other websites to find out more information

. organised website-easy to find your way around

.Panels and subtitles/labels- to understand the different categories of tourism

.maps-to understand where tourist places and places of interest are

.news about places to visit, dining places and where to stay

.brochures to find out more about places of interest

.contacts if you want to find out more or if you have any queries or questions

.local weather to organise your trip in the easiest way possibly

.events in places of tourism to make the most out of Doncaster

How could the website be improved?

.If the size, font and colour of text was changed to a more engaging and eye catching design

.If there were larger and more interesting graphics

.The sub sections and panels of main sections were more eye catching

the text and images filled the website page

.There were fact boxes

.Hyperlinks to all the different places of tourism listed on the website

.The home page was made more interesting

.The website was updated more regularly (i.e events from April 2013 are still listed on then site?

.The introduction to the site was made more interesting

What do I like about the website

.List of places to visit


.Graphics to illustrate the site

.Sub sections and panels easily labelled

.News about places of tourism

.Brochures and hyperlinks to find out more information

What places are there to visit?

.Yorkshire Wildlife Park

.Potteric Carr

.Doncaster Minster

.Trolley Bus mueseum

.The Dome

.Doncaster Market

.Lakeside Village

.Frenchgate shopping centre

.Brodsworth Hall and Gardens

.Cusworth Hall and Gardens

.Conisbrough Castle

.Bawtry Paintball and Laser Fields

.Doncaster Racecourse

.The Mallard

.Riverboat Cruises

.South Yorkshire Aircraft Mueseum

The verdict

Overall, the website is well presented will easily recognisable graphics and labelled sub sections and main panels as well as contacts, hyperlinks and and brochures to find out more information. However, the website could be improved by making the text size, font and colour more interesting, graphics size increased and the sections and heading sizes made larger and easily recognisable parts of the site.