Save the Tigers

By Bradley Boyce

going extinct

The effects of habitat destruction on the Tigers

To the tigers when their habitat is destroyed they don't only lose their homes but it effects their food, themselves, and their families.

How Does this Effect use humans?

It effects use humans because of soil degradation. Soil degradation reduces the area of growable areas of crops. Which would in the long run effect our food supply.

The types and colors of tigers

There are 5 types of non extinct tigers, they are: Siberian, Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan, and South China tigers. There are only 3 extinct ones they are Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers. The tigers come in many colors one is white, another is golden and there are two more, these two colored tigers are know as Maltese tigers.

The extinct types

  • The Bali tiger was last sighted at September 27, 1937, they were hunted to extinction.
  • The Caspian tiger was last sighted in the early 1970s, they went extinct from hunting and deforestation.
  • The Javan tiger was last sighted in middle part of the 1970s, they went extinct from hunting, deforestation, and poisoning.

Possible solutions to save the tiger

The solutions

One solution could be make a website with a petition and explaining what would happen if tiger habitats would disappear.

Another solution would be to make a club that would raise money to make reservations for tigers and their habitat.