survivors of volcanoe eruptions

When nature turns deadly: Volcanoe survivor tells tale

Dr. Stanley N. Williams, 40 years old, a volcanologist at Arizona State University, watched in horror as colleagues inside the crater and on its opposite rim were trapped in a riot of hot boulders and lava and ash.

Where the volcanoe eruption happened

A battered survivor of a scientific disaster has told his story from a hospital bed, recounting how six colleagues lost their lives while searching for better ways to predict when volcanoes are going to blow up. The six were killed Jan. 14 as they gathered chemical and gravitational clues from the Galeras volcano, which stretches 13,680 feet into the cold, thin air of the Colombian Andes.

Info about Galeras crater

The catastrophe at Galeras crater may have a silver lining. Novel measurements made there, including chemical hints in vented gas and subtle shifts in the volcano's overall gravitational field, may help scientists find better ways to forecast volcanic eruptions in the future.

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Article by William J. Broad in Science Times

Quote from Dr. Stanely N. Williams survivor of the volcanoe eruption

"I turned and ran as fast as I could," he recalled. "I didn't make it very far, only about 20 meters below the rim."

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