Budget Report

By: Nathan Eyasu

About my budget

I have one child and a wife with a monthly salary $2,666.At the end of the month,

I'm left with only about $1,000 and that's without all the weird problems Ms. Dean gives us.

Car rental, house bills, and grocery lists add up at the end of the month, and it can surprise you if your not being responsible

Buying a home and a car

When I first went out to buy a home, I had a budget. I could only buy a home that was

$90, 860, which is $649 monthly. A house under that was hard to find considering you had a family you needed to put a roof on top of. But surprisingly, I found a home for $500 a month that had 2 bedrooms. Luckily, the car wasn't that hard to find. I found a nice Infiniti G35 X that was a car that I loved as a kid, and it was only $169 a month, AMAZING. That wasn't the end of my troubles though

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Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping isn't as easy as you think it is, especially at the checkout line. Whenever I watch the screen with the total price add up, I cringe. When going grocery shopping, you've got to go in with a mission, knowing what you've got to get and where. That way you don't overspend. That's what I had to do(The price added up quickly again:))

Paying bills

Luckily, in this project we didn't have to control how much electricity we used, we just had a fixed rate that we were going to pay. I was fine with it though, well not really. I had to spend $418. :(, at least I had cable
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