Digital Citizenship Project

Dominick I P.2

Top 7 rules.

1.Be respectful don't say or do anything you would not want done to you: don't say mean things to others and don't cyberbully.

2.Don't put out personal info don't tell anyone your personal information: if you do they can open your personal info to use it to make you look bad.

3.Don't talk to people you don't know: you could be talking to a person who could hurt you.

4.Keep your passwords secret: you don't need people hacking your important things.

5.Don't cyberbully people: don't be a web jerk to people even if you don't know them.

6.Give credit to sources: give the makers personal credit for there work it is not yours.

7.Copyright only lasts so long before it goes totally pubic: if you have copyrighted work expect it to go viral.

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is a set of web rules everyone needs to use. A few reasons to practice this is so next time you go on the web you are nice and kind to the people you meet. This can also help you make new internet friends on the sites you use. This also prevents cyberbully from to happen. With this you will be happy and nice to people you meet and have a good time.