By Usanee Yang

Welcome to Kentucky!

Kentucky has awesome things to learn about and to have fun with your family! Kentucky is a fun place to go to for vacation with your family too! If you take an adventure with your family in a forest, you might hear the Cardinal singing a song. Lots of famous people have lived in Kentucky like Abraham Lincoln! You will see other things like, the state tree and the state flower. This state became the 15th state on June 1, 1792. Have an awesome time learning about Kentucky!

State Things

Famous People

Famous People in Kentucky

These are some famous people who helped Kentucky be a better place to live and changed laws that were dangerous for kids. Daniel Boone is famous for starting settlements in Kentucky and for exploring Kentucky. Carry Nation helped change laws about women's rights. She broke into people's businesses that sold alcohol and tobacco because she wanted to stop the use of it. Abraham Lincoln tried to stopped slavery and he became the 16th president of the United States. Nine years after he died, slavery ended. These people helped this country a lot and changed laws they didn't like.


Did you know that settlers came to Kentucky to make settlements and some of the other settlers came because they wanted to live in Kentucky? The first settlers were from Britain. The next settlers were from Germany. The settlers had a hard time getting to Kentucky. The natives that already lived in Kentucky didn't let the settlers stay and live in Kentucky. I think the settlers had a hard time living back then.

The Bluegrass State

These are lots of facts you can learn about how Kentucky got its nickname for its state. Kentucky is called The Bluegrass State because in the Spring, the grass has small, bluish-purple buds that make larger fields. If you go to this state in the Spring, you will see the bluish buds. If you pass a field in Kentucky you might be able to see the bluegrass for real life! I think that the grass is beautiful when it's Spring in Kentucky.

The Land

In Kentucky there are lots of amazing things to see and learn about the land. The area in Kentucky is 39,674 square miles. The highest point is the Black Mountain. If you stood by the Black Mountain, it would be a lot taller than you. In Kentucky there are many rivers like the Cumberland river, the Kentucky river, the Ohio, and the Green river. The highest waterfall in Kentucky is the Cumberland waterfall. There are many lakes in Kentucky too! Kentucky also has low valleys and hills. They must have a lot of people exploring the land in Kentucky.

Jobs in Kentucky

Lots of people have different jobs in Kentucky. Some people mine coal in Kentucky. They also make tractors and different kinds of trucks. Lot's of people work in hotels. In Kentucky lots of people farm and they sell their things they make or grow. Lots of farmers grow crops like, corn, wheat, soybeans and other things! I think these people get a lot of money.


Lots of people farmed a long time ago in Kentucky, they still farm today! Natives started farming when the settlers came. Right now, people in Kentucky still farm. Farmers grow vegetables, fruit, and they milk cows too. Farmers have to take care of animals too. That must be hard work for people who work with these jobs.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is fun to watch with your family and your friends. The Kentucky Derby is a horse race. In the Kentucky Derby the horses have to run 7 times around the track. The people who are watching the horses run the track should have a card and it should say a horse's name. You have to watch and try to find your horse and see what place it's in. If your horse is in first place then you might win lots of money. It's the first Saturday of May every year. Many people watch the Kentucky Derby anywhere.
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Things to See in Kentucky

These are some things you might see in Kentucky. The most thing you will see in Kentucky is people farming. You can also watch the Kentucky Derby. You can see many museums. Many museums might be based on the history of Kentucky. You might be able to see the Cumberland river. You might even be able to see Kentucky's state capitol! I think many people have seen some of these things in Kentucky.

Kentucky's State Capitol


This is Kentucky's state capitol. Its name is Frankfort.

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Mammoth Cave National Park