By: Adrienne Tank

All About Christianity

Followers of Christianity are called Christians. Christians believe in the 3 beings. The father the Son, and the holy spirit. This belief is called the Holy Trinity. Jesus Christ represents the person that all Christians strive to be. Christians worship at church on Sunday. Christians believe in the ceremony of introduction to Christ which is called baptism. The people that follow Christianity also believe in the Holy Communion which re-creates the last supper. Christians worship in a church. People that preach at their churches are called priests or pastors. Priests or pastors read from the Christian holy book which is called a bible. Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christmas is when Christians celebrate when Jesus Christ was born. Easter is when followers of Christ celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. Christianity originated in Jerusalem, and Jerusalem is where Jesus was crucified and where he resurrected to Heaven. Also, Jerusalem is where the Holy Sepulchre is located.

A God all religions believe in

All 3 religions Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are monotheistic. They believe in the God of Abraham.