Awesome Guide to Bunburying

My Dear Friend Bunbury

Why would YOU want to Bunbury?

Bunburying is a fun game where you can pretend to be someone your not or pretend to have this friend you don't have. Bunburying is one way to lead a double life or maybe even a triple life. Basically the only goal you have when it comes to Bunburying is to NEVER ever be caught.

Steps to Becoming a Professional Bunbury!

Step 1: Find a way to get materials for Bunburying

Step 2: Make up stories for Bunburying

Step 3: Create fake evidence

Step 4: Make up fake people and places

Step 5: Plan out Bunburying

Step 6: Organize

What problems could you run into?

One thing you need to watch out for is where and when you Bunbury, reason being that you could run into someone from the other life you have. Also you want to keep your evidence tight and secure because someone could go snooping around and end up finding out what's going on and what you're doing.

Another thing is that you really need to keep track of what to do. If you go into one life and act as the other person then you are so screwed.

Precautionary Steps....

There are many steps you need to take to avoid being busted. One is to make two lives in two TOTALLY different places. Example: Different states. Another is not to give out any information that could give away your opposite life.

A good one is to have people in both lives giving you updates. Just in case they, say, find out about your other life. And another is basically the thing you do if you fail to Bunbury successfully. Have a quick escape.