Luck 'O the Irish?


Dear 1st Impressions Team,

St. Patty's is always fun around this house. Trying to catch a little green Leprechaun is usually the top effort.

But FOR ME, TODAY is the day I'm going to reach out and bust forward with March Madness.

In all honesty I wasn't able to do much when the Home Office implemented their Booking Fun earlier this month but I can absolutely do it now. Who's with me?

Enter Fun St. Patty's Day Facebook Green Dot Challenge!

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Those of you on Facebook NOW...Look to the right...

and message those currently online (they have a Green Dot next to their name) on FB or EMAIL if you're not on Facebook.

USE THE WORDS BELOW that Danielle Redner gave us this weekend at Bootcamp and personally reach out.

BOOK 1 IF NOT 2 MORE shows this month!!!! I just booked one for Monday, March 30th! Yes, people do have shows on Mondays too and they also will book in tight if you suggest the great reasons why. The effort will pay off.

OFFER 3 DATE options and GO FOR IT LADIES!!!!! WHO'S IN?!?!? Flash incentive for today and tomorrow: if you book in tight (NEW TRUNK SHOWS FOR MARCH) - post your hostess name and the date you booked below for a special treat from me!

The EFFORT will bring RESULTS. Even if you end up booking the show for EARLY APRIL, you're taking action and getting it done. :)
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Boston Area: Mark your Calenders for our Summer Rally, 4/13

I registered for US Hoopla today and can't wait to be there with YOU!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader