Identity Theft

What I learned from the FTC consumer page

1. How to access your free credit report- every twelve months you can order a free credit report from all three credit agencies. Knowing your credit can help you get a job, new car, or a house.

2. What is Identity Theft- having your identity stolen is no joke new charges can come up, having someone cash a check in your name, and even just having your wallet stolen on your way to a job interview. The way to protect yourself is know the number for the ftc or web address. Also read your bank statements carefully; skipping that last part before shredding can cost you lots of money in the future.

3. ID theft- the ways to protect yourself is to first make sure what you read is correct then call your bank, file a complaint to the FTC website or number, then file a police report knowing those steps can protect you for a good while. Also keep records of your calls and copies of your documents.

4. Robocalls- robocalls are recorded messages and are either going to sell you something or scam you. Receiving a call from a company that has you have not given a written permission to is by law an illegal call. Telemarketers change their number often so if there is a few to block a number don't block it repeatedly call the FTC or report it to their website.

5. Money transfer scams- Three main ones are the Grandparent scam, Mystery shopper, and the Prize winner. Each are almost certainly a scam some include to deposit a check then spend as you wish but to leave some to wire back to their "giver" or scammer. Most all of them include wiring money to someone that can even be in another country. Report the caller or e-mailer to the FTC and make sure to delete and put future messages into the tab spam in your email service.