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May 1, 2022

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Wear Blue to support Anti-Bullying Awareness
Hello DMS students, teachers, and families!!!!

I can't believe it is May!!! Students are hard at work preparing for their STAAR tests and gaining confidence every day!!! Our soccer and tennis teams have been on fire and doing a fabulous job!!! Choir students are preparing for the annual Pop Show, it's looking so fun--hope to see everyone there!!!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I can't wait to show the love to our amazing teachers!!! A friendly note of appreciation, a quick email, or a kind gesture goes a long way when thanking a teacher ❤ Please join me in letting our staff know just how much we appreciate them!!!

Now, let's talk about Fridays after school...I have received information from local businesses about how poorly our DMS students are acting in and around their facilities after school on Fridays. The businesses have shared that they have begun calling the police to address student behavior. I know many of you laugh each year when I talk about "nothing good happens at the Sonic on a Friday afternoon," and that is exactly what is being reported. Parents, if you are allowing your students to hang out at Sonic and nearby areas, please talk with them about making good choices and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. I know this is after school hours and off-campus, so isn't really a Dahlstrom matter, however, our students are better than the way they are behaving and I know we all teach them to be upstanding people in our community.

We could use your help! With the STAAR tests now being online, students are allowed to utilize scratch paper and pencils or whiteboards with dry-erase markers. Students LOVE to use the dry erase markers and whiteboards for showing their work and solving problems. Dry erase markers are one of the school supply items that we asked students to keep with them and to replenish as needed. Well, that hasn't happened and we have been purchasing and providing dry-erase markers like crazy for the kiddos to use. Most use them every day in math classes. However, we can't keep up! Please make sure your kiddo has dry erase markers to use for class and for their STAAR test if they would like to do so. We will welcome any donations of dry erase markers as well so all students can have the supplies they need for their tests. Any donations can be dropped off in the front office.

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to all of the students, staff, and parents, it has been a wild ride this year with all of the construction, issues that arose from construction, construction on 967, shutting down of areas dues to construction...construction, construction, construction----thank you to everyone and let's finish strong! #WeAreDahlstrom

Construction Update

So many areas are under construction right now and this summer the crew will be hard at work getting us ready to start off the new school year with a few new additions. Hopefully, if everything stays on track, construction will be completed by January 2023.

There is still a lot of work to do, but it is going to be so nice for our students when it is all completed!

Upcoming Dates

May 3rd: All UIL participants are invited to an after school pizza party in the cafeteria

May 3rd: Girls' Soccer vs. Barnes at Matador Stadium

May 4th: DMS Tennis vs. Simon at Lehman High School

May 5th: Boys' Soccer vs. McCormick at JHS

May 6th: 8th Grade Celebration (Parent ran event) (Click on link to sign the waiver for the Celebration)

May 10th: Algebra, 8th Grade, and 7th Grade Advanced Math STAAR Test

May 11th: 8th Grade Reading STAAR Test

May 12th: 6th and 7th Grade Reading STAAR Tests

May 12th: 7th Grade Girls and Boys District Tennis Meet

May 13th: 8th Grade Girls and Boys District Tennis Meet

May 13th: DMS Choir Pop Show

May 16th: DMS Dance Spring Showcase show at JHS at 6:30

May 17th: 6th and 7th Grade Math STAAR Tests

May 18th: 8th Grade Science STAAR Test

May 19th: 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR Test

May 24th: 6th Grade Field Day

May 25th: 7th Grade Field Day

May 26th: 8th Grade Field Day

May 26th: Last Day of School *early release at 2:00PM*

*Please make plans for students to be here during the entire testing time which for the most part is 8:05-12:30ish on each of these days.

DMS Sponsorship Opportunities

We conduct several fundraisers throughout the year to help support various organizations on campus as well as a campus fundraiser each year. Additionally, we have the updated DMS Official Sponsor packages available.

Important Documents

DMS Weekly Overview

DMS Official Sponsor Packages

6th Grade Tutoring Opportunities

7th Grade Tutoring Opportunities

8th Grade Tutoring Opportunities

Previously shared links

DMS Bell Schedule

Student/Parent Handbook

6th Grade School Supplies

7th Grade School Supplies

8th Grade School Supplies

Thank you and I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!!


Mrs. Ginn



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