Balance of Power

China, Made by Kamryn Rogers

What is the size of the country's area?

China is 3.748 million sq miles. China's size helps it be such a powerful country because it attracts tourist and helps attract business.

What is the population of the country?

1.351 billion, this is huge. Another aspect to how powerful the country is. But this could also bring china down because there isn't enough room for all these people.

How educated is the country?

95.1 % of china can read and write. This is helpful because it is easier to fill the jobs needed when people are educated.

How well equipped are their armed forces?

their army is very big and very well equipped! this is helpful because if war is needed at anytime they are prepared.

What are the countries physical features?

Some of the physical features in China are forests, deserts, extensive mountain ranges, plateaus, sub-tropical forests . These can be helpful, but also not because the country needs the extra space.

How productive is the economy?

The economy is decent and getting better. It is not good enough to beat America or many others but it still helps because it's something better than others.