Registration Help for Students

POD Sections and Other Registration Hacks

Registration Basics

Registrar's Office Assistance

Please see the Office of the Registrar’s Registration Basics website for more information on registration in Athena.

For registration tutorials and FAQs, see the Registrar's Athena website.

Registration Help and UGA 101 Modules

  • After you finish viewing their UGA 101 modules, you can go back and re-watch them any time!
  • There's a fantastic video on the "Advising and Registration" module that will take you through the registration process step-by-step and that can answer lots of your registration questions!

Common Definitions

Course ID – consists of three parts: prefix, number, and occasionally a suffix, e.g., ENGL 1101S

  • Prefix – a four four-character alphabetic code designating an area of study, e.g., ENGL – English

  • Number – a four-digit number designating the course level, eg: ENGL 1101

  • Suffix – a letter that may appear at the end of a course number to designate the format in which the course is taught, e.g., ENGL 1101S . See the suffix letter definitions below:
    • D – Non-Credit Discussion Group – included in the course credit, so you don't get extra hours of credit for doing it, but offered at a different period from the lecture
    • E – Online Learning Course

    • H – Honors Course, must be an Honors student to enroll

    • I – Integrated Language Course

    • L – Laboratory Course

      • Can be credit or non-credit

      • Non-credit lab – included in the course credit, but offered at a different period from the lecture

    • R – Research Course

    • S – Service-Learning Course

    • W – Writing Intensive Program Course

CRN – Course Reference Number – the five-digit number specific to a single section of a course. It appears in front of the course listing at the left of the registration screen in Athena.

Course Section – a specific instance of a course with a unique combination of instructor, day, time, and location

Day of the Week Abbreviations:

  • M - Monday
  • T - Tuesday
  • W - Wednesday
  • R - Thursday
  • F - Friday

Credit Hours - indicate the number of hours you will earn upon successful completion of the course

  • Full-time enrollment is 12+ hours
  • 121+ credit hours are required to graduate

Prerequisite Course - a course you must complete prior to registering for a subsequent course

Corequisite Course - a course that must be taken at the same time as another course

  • Many labs are corequisites to science courses; therefore, you must register for the lab at the same time as the lecture.

Pre- or Corequisite Course - a course that you must complete before or at the same time as another course.

Waitlist - a list that tracks the students interested in a course section that is currently full/at capacity.

POD Sections

ENGL 1101/1102

ESOL Fall 2022 English 1101/1102 Sections

The English Department will offer two sections of ESOL 1101/1102 for non-native English speakers. As in previous years, they’ll be cross-listed 1101/1102, meaning that the same classroom will have some 1101 and some 1102 students in it.

Here are the CRNs for those ESOL courses:

  • 1101, MWF 10:20: 25164
  • 1101, MWF 11:30: 25165
  • 1102, MWF 10:20: 25446
  • 1102, MWF 11:30: 25306

These sections are protected by permission of department. Students whose native language is not English can write to Clare Reid ( to receive permission to enroll.

COMM 1110 for STEM majors

CRN 38772: This section is POD. Students need to email Angie at to request a POD, and include the following:
  • Name
  • Course for which POD is needed
  • Major
  • 81#

CSCI 1301 Lecture and Matching Lab Combinations

1301 CRN: 15032

  • 1301L Corresponding CRNs: 19917, 19921, 19928, 19935

1301 CRN: 15033

  • 1301L Corresponding CRNs: 19944, 19954, 19957, 19959

1301 CRN: 16242

  • 1301L Corresponding CRNs: 19960, 19963, 19964, 22855

1301 CRN: 16260

  • 1301L Corresponding CRNs: 36715, 36719, 38021, 38023

1301 CRN: 55008

  • 1301L Corresponding CRNs: 55029, 55030, 55031, 55032

MATH 1113

MATH 1113 (precal) is open only to STEM majors until the end of the July when any additional seats will open for all majors.


FYOS POD Courses Open to All Students

  • We've found out that a few FYOS courses that are POD have enough seats for students not originally in the Learning Community (LLC) that requires them.

The Entrepreneurship FYOS courses will have room for non-Launchpad students. Interested students can email to request access.

  • Donald Chambers – Introduction to Entrepreneurship; 51703 – Living Learning Community students
  • James Flannery – Introduction to Entrepreneurship; 55129 – Living Learning Community students
  • Robert Pinckney – Introduction to Entrepreneurship; 54725 – Living Learning Community students

The Art of Wellness FYOS All students are welcome. They can contact Betty Prickett, or Rebecca Gose to get the POD cleared.

Other Registration Hacks


To view the available seats in a class and the number of waitlist seats open, look at the Status column in the Find Classes section on the Register for Classes page.

If you are attempting to register for a course that is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist if the option is available (Not all classes have waitlists).

  • For instructions on how to waitlist a course see this page.

Waitlisting Courses with a Lab

  • Many science courses require you to waitlist the lab section that you want rather than the lecture. If you try to waitlist a lecture and can't, select a lab and see if you can waitlist that instead. Many departments will open enough lecture seats to cover those who are in labs.

Once you have waitlisted a course:

  • As soon as a seat becomes available in the class, the next student in line receives an email in their UGA email inbox notifying them to register for the course. You will have the next 18 hours to register for the course. If you do not register within that timeframe, you will lose your seat in the course.
  • If you are waitlisted for a course, it is critical that you check your UGA email at least once per day. You will have 18 hours to take an available seat (no exceptions).
  • If notified that a seat is available, go to the “Add or Drop Classes” menu in Athena, use the Action drop down to select “Web Registered” on the appropriate course, then click the “Submit” button to take your seat. The selected course should now show a status of “Web Registered” and be reflected in your enrolled hours.

Other Important Waitlist Information

  • You cannot be on a waitlist for a course and register for the same course at a different time.
  • Hours of a waitlisted course do not show in your credit hours.
  • You may only be added to the waitlist for one section of a course.
  • You cannot be added to a waitlist for a course if it would cause a time conflict with another course.

Waitlist Purge

The waitlist of a term is closed three days before drop/add begins for that term.

  • August 13th for Fall 2022
  • Following the closure of waitlists, any student can register for a seat as it becomes available.

AP Credit

If you took an AP exam and think that the scores should already be at UGA and they aren't, check with College Board and have them resent.

  • To request College Board AP results, please contact the College Board:
    Phone: 888-225-5427
    UGA’s College Board AP Code: 5813


  • Official AP scores must be sent directly from the College Board to UGA for a student to receive credit for qualifying scores.
  • 2021 AP Scores will be released in early July. 2020 and prior years’ AP exam scores will be included with the 2021 AP score release.
  • It can take 5-7 business days for ordered AP scores to post to a student’s Athena record.
  • Test scores which have been correctly submitted to UGA can be viewed by logging into Athena and selecting “View Test Scores” from the Student Information Menu.

Transferring AP Credit from another Institution

  • Transfer students will receive the AP credit for college-level courses they were awarded by their transfer institution as it appears on that institution’s official transcript.
  • Transfer students who did not receive credit for their AP work at a former college or university are encouraged to submit their AP scores to UGA.

Dual Enrollment Credit

  • Check to see if your dual enrollment credit is posted here at UGA.
  • If not contact the Registrar's Office at the college that granted the credit. Dual enrollment credit cannot be accepted from your high school transcript.

For Art Majors and Minors Only

Art major & minor students should use the following link to find the correct CRNs to use when registering:

Franklin College "Silver Bullet" Courses that Fulfill Multiple Requirements

"Silver bullet" courses fulfill multiple requirements for Franklin College majors. Some courses have prerequisites. Check the bulletin ( to see prerequisites. This list includes courses offered summer and fall of 2021.

How to Register for a First Year Odyssey (FYOS)

  • Go to this website:
  • Find the Odyssey you want to sign up for.
  • Note down or copy the Odyssey CRN Number. This is the 5 digit number following the Odyssey title.
  • Go back to the registration screen in Athena.
  • Enter the Odyssey CRN in the box at the bottom of the screen.
  • Seats in Odysseys open gradually throughout the summer so you can keep trying if your top choices aren't available. Keep in mind that eventually, you may need to pick one to get it on your schedule, but you can make changes throughout the summer and drop-add.

Need an Extra Hour or Two on Your Schedule?

Look at Past Course Syllabi

Do you want to see what sorts of material a course might cover?

  • All you have to do is look up the course here in the UGA Bulletin.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the course description and look for the box beside the word "Syllabus". You can then select your instructor, if you know who that is. If you don't know your instructor, or can't find a previous syllabus from your instructor, you can still look at syllabi to get a sense of the material covered in the course.

Course Listings that look unusual

Evening Tests

  • When you register for certain courses, such as BIOL 1107, CHEM 1211, CHEM 1212, and CSCI 1302, you might see the typical lecture times – M, W, F or T, R – in addition to class periods with no classroom listed: Example: Class, 5:45 pm - 7:40 pm, No Classroom Required

  • This is the time when you will take exams for this course. You won't have exams every week, but the department wanted to make sure this time was open in your schedule for when you do have exams.

Foreign Language Labs

  • When you try to register for a 4-hour foreign language course like SPAN 1001, you may see 3 hours of lecture time on MWF or TR and an additional time from 12:01 am - 11:59 pm with no classroom listed. This additional time indicates the 1-hour language lab that you'll complete each week at a time of your choosing.

Common Registration Error Messages (in alphabetical order)

Accounts Acknowledgement Hold

  • You have a Student Accounts Acknowledgement Hold. The instructions for removing it can be found here.

Campus Restriction

  • The course you are attempting to register for is only for students on a specific campus (e.g., Griffin).

Cohort Restriction

  • These classes are only open to students in the Living Learning Communities program. If you did not apply and get accepted into this program, then you cannot sign up for these classes.

Contact Information Hold:

  • You have a hold from the Registrar's Office that will prevent you from registering. Instructions for clearing this hold are located here.

Housing Hold

  • Contact the appropriate Housing Office phone number provided in the hold description.

Immunization Hold

  • Contact the Health Center for information on clearing this hold (706)542-8617 or see their website here.

Permission of College Required

  • You need to be in a specific college (e.g., the College of Engineering) to be able to take this course.

Permission of Department Required (POD)

  • You must have the permission of the department to register for this class. Ask your advisor or an OL how to get the permission of the department or choose a different section.

Permission of Major Restriction (POM)

  • You must be a student in this major to register for this class (for example, you must be an Engineering major to register for an ENGR class).

Permission of Program Required

  • You need to be in a specific academic program.

Prerequisite Course(s) Not Met

  • You have not taken the required prerequisite course. If you are unsure of the prerequisites, visit to view the course’s prerequisites. If you believe you have taken the prerequisite course, contact your advisor or the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

Seats Reserved for Waitlist

  • You will not be able to register for this class at the current time. Try to add yourself to the waitlist. (See 'Waitlisting' above.)

Student Attribute Restriction

  • You must be an Honors student to register for this section.

Verification of Lawful Presence (VLP) Hold

  • Information on how to have the hold removed is located here.