Jordan DeShields

ceramics 1

Finding Nemo

I created this project because Finding Nemo is my favorite movie and I love the ocean. I faced the problem of getting the handle scored enough to stay attached to the piece but I overcame the issue by recreating the handle thicker and scoring it more towards the top to make it stable. If I could change one thing about this project I would change the painting I did on it because I rushed through painting and it came out kind of sloppy.

Mr. Monster Man

I created this project thinking of a wave, but having a set idea at the beginning of any project doesn't mean that's how it will turn out. When my wave idea just wasn't working I looked at the project and almost saw a skull like head and decided to make it into a monster. I made the hat using the pinch pot method and thought that because I'm not a gloomy person neither should my artwork. I only had problems with the idea I started with because it was very elaborate. If I could have changed one thing about it I would have changed the initial idea of the project.

John Deweese Pottery

description: This peice is a silver metallic vase with a handle that has movement in the way it waves from one side to the other. It has a large crease up the side and two horizontal lines (indentions) going around the lower half and a circular pattern around the lowest ring.

analysis: the elements and principles that dominate ths peice are movement and pattern. This peice seems to draw you eye upward.

interpretaion: I believe this is a modern peice and I believe

judgement: I believe this piece is a sucess. I think it is good artwork because it is eccentric and something you don't often see.


description: I can identify the objects in the artwork. I see a man leaning against something and he isn't wearing a shirt but he is wearing shorts. From the name of the title of the peice and the color scheme they used I would say it is an African American who has recently been set free.


interpretation: I believe the artist could have been of African American decent. It culd have been around the time where slaves were at large and gaining their freedom. The mood of this is a very peaceful one. The person in the piece seems to be pondering something and looking at the ground. His hands are behind his back which could also indicate that he is thinking to a certain extent.