Homework By Alex


Rainforests are fascinating and beautiful to look at. They are important to the world and to its people. If rainforests disappeared what would happen? There are lots of plant and animal life to talk about that are strange.

Ahh! Piranhas!

There are many animals in the rainforest that may be predators or prey. The red bellied piranha is a carnivorous predator that hunts in big groups. It was named this because of its extremely bright red underside. It doesn't migrate to hunt for more food. The Pygocentrus natteri (red bellied piranha) is considered the "true piranha" because of its more dashing looks. Because most piranhas have the rule "every piranha gets what he chews off", cannibalism amongst them is not unusual.

Great Wood Source But Not Environmentally Friendly

Logging in the Amazon is very frequent. This illegal action is usually caught out by locals or government councils but some loggers go by unseen. The mahogany wood that is contained in the Amazon is extremely expensive and easy to make a living out of but the deforestation that this causes creates a chain reaction. The trees are cut down, the animals have no habitat, the animals have less food and the neighbouring plants that survive on symbiotic relationships with the trees will start to wither. If they wanted wood then why don't they harvest wood from areas made for logging like in Australia?


There are many strange and unique flora in rainforests and the kapok tree is one of the unique trees. It's a very tall tree in the Amazon and will have gigantic roots that can expands meters into the ground. It's crucially important to not cut them down because of their roots. They hold the soil around it together and prevent soil erosion. They can grow up to about 65 meters in height and its root diameter can be up to 4 meters long. If you didn't know trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for us to breathe. If the rainforest was cut down we'd all be having trouble breathing.

Sadly Thats The End

Rainforests are amazing and explicit so why would people cut them down for money? Especially when they are a main part of what we need to survive with. Rainforests even provide water for the ocean with its extreme amounts of rain. There are countless animals and plants that are still uncovered and unknown so lets keep it for as long as we can!