Master Your Mind Workshop!

How to perform under pressure and increase your Mental Power

Workshop by Performance Coach Annette Paterakis.

In this workshop we will introduce the concept of mental training and learn how to better manage our thoughts & emotions, use pressure to our advantage and influence our body, mind and performance in a positive way!

What we will cover:

- How does our brain work under pressure ?

- How does this impact our body & performance?

- How can you use pressure to your advantage?

- How do you get into a peak performance state?

This workshop is designed for Equestrian riders in particular, but certainly also useful for other athletes, coaches and trainers. Or in case you answer "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Do things go well during training, but do they go wrong during competition?
  • Are you having trouble with nervousness or tension?
  • Do you have difficulty keeping focus and concentration when competing?
  • Do "other people" impact your performance?
  • Do excellent results and disasters alternate constantly preventing a constant growth?
  • Are you always just one second late?
  • Do recurring injuries bother you too often?

If so, come join us on the 15th of June at 6pm in Maaseik for a one hour workshop! As this is our first workshop in collaboration with Bart Goyens (health and movement specialist & Osteopath) this event will be free of charge!

Master Your Mind Workshop

Wednesday, June 15th, 6-7pm

36 Hamontweg

Maaseik, Vlaanderen

If you would like to attend, please reserve your spot and send an email to either: or to,

Thank you and looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th!!