April Team News!

March Sales! April Opportunity!

WOW! A round of applause to you all!! Our team Volume (CTV) was $ 5428.40!!! Way to go! I know that April will top that! We are off to a great start already!

I know I am personally looking forward to helping our customer's and guest create the perfect Mother's Day gift!

We have such a great opportunity (Soar to Success) to share this wonderful business with so many people this month. Who will you touch this month?

March PV Top 5

#1 - Theresa Henson $2357.60

#2 - Donna Bland $792.30

#3 - Nicole Steffek $447.40

#4 - Kayla Gray $394.20

#5 - Teresa Goodwin $333.80

Way to go Ladies!!!

Will you be Top 5 for April??


Melissa Merten (Alycia)

Teresa Goodwin (Alycia)

Laura Nava (Rose)

April Meetings!

Illinois - Team Meeting

4/10/14 - 6:30 pm - ?

Fairfield Inn - Bourbonnais (Rt 50 by mall)

Arizona - Regional Meeting

4/15/14 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Phoenix Airport Sheraton

RSVP to Kristine Stevens

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams! ~~~ Eleanor Roosevelt

What are your goals for April?

Do you write your goals for the month out?

What are they for this month?

Share with me and/or your upline leader via email then let's work together to achieve them!

My April Goals

Hold 4-5 JB's / Events this month

Sponsor 2 this month