VoIP Telephone Instructions

Desk Phone Training

Included below you will find:

  • Default Voicemail Password =1234
  • Order information for headsets that will be compatible to the new system
  • How-To make an external call
  • Dialing 911
  • Site Codes and Unified Dialing Plan
  • How-To Report an issue with your phone
  • How-To Dial within the district
  • How to add your Picture to Email

Default Voicemail Password = 1234

The default Password is 1234 followed by the # key.

Please change this to a new password.

Need a Headset?

See our TMS Technology Standards Page. Look under Phones.

Making an External Call?

Dial 9 followed by the phone number

Dialing 911

There are two ways to reach 911 from the Cisco Phone:

  1. 911
  2. 9911

If you dial one of these by accident, please stay on the line and tell the 911 operator that it was a mistake, and then contact the front office immediately.

*If you dial 911 or 9911 the telephone system will call the front office and tell them that your extension has dialed 911 or 9911.

Site Code and Unified Extension List

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Need to report a phone problem?

Please submit a TMS workorder with phone problems or changes.

You can put in a TMS request by submitting a request here.

How-To Dial Within The District

Contact Information

David E Smith

Phone Technician