Sasha's study guide

1. What poetic terms do you understand? Give a definition or example of each term.

  • Personification : the sun kissed the flowers
  • Simile:she is as pretty as a rose
  • Metaphor: love is a rosé
  • Hyperbole: her beauty eclipsed the sun
  • Theme: the authors message

2.what do you know about non-fiction? is literary non-fiction different from regular non-fiction?

  • regular non-fiction gives information and literary non-fiction is about a persons life.

b.what are the differences in the types of literary non-fiction?

  • one of them is a chunk of someones life another is a memory of someone.

  • biography: a story of a persons life written by someone else.
  • autobiography: a story about persons life written by that person.
  • memoir: a chunk of a persons life time.
  • personal narrative: is a little memory of a persons life.
  • diary: is were a person keeps special events.

3.what are plot elements in fiction? why are they important? plot elements in fiction are :rising action ,conflict,climax,resolution falling action ,theme and cause. they are important because they make the story.

4. what is the point of view in fiction? How does the point of view affect the story?

The points of view in fiction are first person,third person omnesent, and third person limited. They affect the story because the author is talking in different ways.

5. what do you know about the reading tools?

  • an inference is a educated .when you infer things you predict what is going to happen. So you could have a guess of waht is going to happen.
  • three types of connections with the text are text to text, text to world,and text to is important to think about making connections so you what the is talking about.
  • A main idea is the main points of the story and a summary is a shorter version of the story.

6.whta have you learned in grammer so far this year?Describe how each piece is used and give me an exampleusing your own complete sentences.

  • comparitive and superlative adjectives