VCR 10 Presentation

Sagar Shetty

The attitude of the losing candidate was ________________ to that of the incumbent after he had been reelected.
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adj. 1. Pertaining to a diameter.

2. Exactly or completely opposite.

ROOTS: DIA<G. "through"

Alternate forms: diametric, adj.


1. Polar

2. Opposite

3. Contrary


1. Alike

2. Congruent

3. Same

1. Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. The Ebola outbreak in South Africa left the country in a diametrical position health-wise compared to before the epidemic.

b. The environmentalist held a diametrical view towards the hybrid than the NASCAR driver.

c. The diametric of the circle passed through its center and connected its opposite ends.

d. Upon learning that the project had further implications and parameters, the engineer had to create a plan diametrical to his original.