Soccer manager problems and salary

By Jordan Jones 1/20/16 P3 Digital Literacy

How can I let soccer fans and others know that managers salaries are decreasing and they are being sacked?

A few years ago, managers were taking advantage of the fact that they were allowed to take complete control of the team and the money invested in it. Also, more managers, especially in the English leagues were being sacked because they just want money. Although, recently the salaries of managers started to decrease. I chose this topic because I am a fan of soccer. Also recently one of my favorite teams (Manchester united) got there manager sacked.

Taarabt was a soccer player that played for an English team. He said that Harry Redknapp (the manager) had no passion for the game. Harry Redknapp's team got regulated from division 1 to division 2 in 2014. Jackie McNamara a former manager was sacked while managing his team, Dundee United. Their team sits second-bottom of the Premiership table with just one win from nine games.
Levein sacked as Scotland manager

Data and facts about soccer managers salaries and discrimination problems

About 15% of a soccer manager's salary has decreased over the past 5 years. Also, There were 144 incidents of misconduct in which racism was a big factor during the 2011-2012 season. Colin King from the Black and Asian Coaches Association says his organisation's 600 members report at least three cases of racism a week, being called things like the 'N-word'.
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