The USA Flag

By Chase Szewc

Who made the US Flag?

No one knows for sure who made the flag but many poeple belive it was Congressman Francis Hopkinson. Some people believe it was a Philadelphia Seamstress Betsy Ross
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When was the US Flag made?

Either Betsy Ross and or Francis Hopkinson made the Flag on June 14, 1777.

Why did he/she choose the colors he/she did?

The red, white, and blue do all have specific meanings. The white represents purity and innocence, the red represents hardiness and valor, and finally the blue represents the color of the chief. On some indoor flag there is a gold fringe around the flag that represents "honorable enrichment only". Its official use was by the US Army from 1895-1925. It is not required on all USA Flags.
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Is there a day dedicated specifically to the US Flag?

There is a day dedicated to the flag and it is called Flag Day. The first flag day was on June 14, 1885. The 4th of July is America’s Birthday, but in 1885 a teacher named BJ Cigrand who thought at a Wisconsin Public School wanted a day specifically dedicated to the US Flag. He chose July 14, 1885 because that was when the USA Flag was created. Overtime more people agreed with him and it caught on and eventually there was a Flag Day.

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What is the Pledge of Allegiance?

On Septembers 8, 1892 the Boston based "The Youth's Companion" published words for students to repeat on Columbus Day that year. Written by Francis Bellamy, the circulation manager and native of Rome, New York, and printed thousands of leaflets, were sent to public schools across the country. On October 12, 1892 more than 12 million children recited the pledge which then began to be an every day thing. Later in June 1943 the Supreme Court ruled that children should not be forced to recite the pledge. In 2005 only half of the fifty states had to recite the pledge in the classroom.
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