Social Imagination Project

By: Harmony Noel

A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

A young woman named Jackie was brutally sexually assaulted while attending a frat party at her college, University of Virginia. She was traumatized and was so upset about the event that she even contemplated suicide. She was told by her other classmates that it was nothing to be worried about, and that it was social suicide if she were to report the assault. She was degraded by her fellow peers and friends for even contemplating the act of turning the men who had done this in. She was to multiple deans about the issue and they basically did nothing. Jackie was able to bring in a lot of information to the public about how the head of UVA was handling the situation (which was very poorly) and she'd light on what really goes on at her school.

Understanding of Broader Issues

It shocks me at how much the men at the University of Virginia are able to get away with raping these young women. The women at this school are almost literally training themselves to expect and accept what will eventually happen to them as a consequence of going outside their own home. This school (and I'm sure there are others, it can't possibly be just UVA) has undergone a change in which they cared more about their own reputation than the protection of their students. This shows me just how far society can corrupt any sort of institution, just by putting its beliefs in that institutions shoulders.

Applying Empathy

These young women should get the justice they deserve and should be able to go and tell the police what happened to them without feeling shamed or as if they were doing something horribly wrong. These women were abused and taken advantage of and it needs to stop. Prestige or not, the overlooking of these horrendous events needs to end now.