Causes of war

Nearly 5 million died in the Korean war and the everlasting effects will be felt for ages. Due to the fact that North and South Korea are now forever enemies and there is now the 38th parallel the dividing line between north and south Korea where there are border patrols 24. 7. so no one can cross the border without a passport and a whole lot of paperwork.


Almost called WW3. The Korean war was one of the bloodiest wars in the history of the world. Causing nearly 5 million casualties. Now the Koreas are split by the 38th parallel and there is no crossing to the other. The two nations are now enemies and have been unsteady nations for years, along with the dictators over the years and corrupt leaders, the united states and koreas are now unsteady friends and now china and america are closer. No war ever has a positive outcome and the same goes for this "police action" that caused so much death.

Human Toll

The Human toll even though not talked about as being the a bloody war and is talked about as a police action. Most veterans who returned alive from the Korean war had brutal injuries including permanent handicaps including missing legs and brain injuries including major shrapnel injuries making walking nearly impossible. Nearly 10,000 north Korean and south Koreans were killed before the war even began. At the end of the war almost 40,000 Americans were dead and 100,000 were wounded. Nearly 5 million total people died nearly half of these were civilians.

Battle: Heartbreak Ridge

The Battle of Heartbreak Ridge was a month long period between September 13 and October 15, 1951. It was fought a little north of the 38th parallel. On the South Korean side plus allies there were 3,700 casualties, the North Korean and Chinese side suffered 25,000 casualties in this battle. On September 27, Major General Robert Young, called for a halt on the "fiasco" and he halted to reconsider their battle plan.

Carolyn Cook

Nurse in the US army during the war. The men didn't want the women over in the war seeing all the things that they saw because the men felt they were stronger than the women.

Random Fact

South Korea was 90% controlled by North Korea in less than two days. The only remaining area that remained under South Korean controlled was the Pusan peninsula.

One eye witness account stated, a marine was going to scout up ahead on a road. He stepped on a land mine and blew his leg off and then the medic who went to help him also stepped on a landmine and also blew his leg off. The man who witnessed this said he had to drag both of them away.