Sun and Shadow

By Bradbury


Riccardo finds a photographer outside his house and tries to drive him away.

Rising Action

Riccardo's friend has no trouble when the photographer uses his house, but Riccardo tries to get him to change his mind. A dog pees on the wall next to the photographer.


Riccardo ups his tactics and drops his pants right as the photographer takes a picture, and the police are called.

Falling Action

The police does nothing about Riccardo, and he states that he is going to follow the photographer around to keep him from taking pictures.


Riccardo acknowledges the crowd that has gathered, and then goes and finds the dog that had peed on the wall and shakes his hand in a sort of closure.

Theme: One Must Stand Up For the Things That They Believe In

After Riccardo confronts the photographer for the first time, he offers Riccardo money and tries to leave. But because Riccardo is standing up for what he believes in, he keeps persisting that the photographer understand him.


There was one point in the story where symbolism was present. When the photographer pointed out the crack in Riccardo's wall he defended his wall. It doesn't matter that his wall is cracked, it matters that it is his wall and he likes it.
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