Heath Calhoun

The unstoppable man

The inside story of Heath

Heath Calhoun quickly earned his military respect at a young age because of his father and grandfather. They were both in the army and fought in the Vietnam war and in WW2. Heath was destined to become involved in the military and he joined the army in 1999. He was enlisted as a squad leader for the 101st airborne division. During his tour in Iraq his crew was attacked and his Humvee was hit by a RPG. He was severely injured and he was amputated from above the knee. As Calhoun was recovering he began to learn about the wounded warrior project and how they would get the men back into near perfect working form. They thought downhill skiing and he became very interested in the sport and how he could keeping skiing. He began to train with the US Olympic team and he became a mono-ski instructor for them.

Whats Heath Calhoun all about

Ever since his tragic incident that happened in 1999 Heath has been an active member in the society and with other amputees. He has participated in the wounded warrior project and become a vital role in allowing other people like himself, to participate in these events and sports. Sports are still a huge part in his life and he still continues to try anything that stands in his way. He is known for being excellent at anything he tries and he still continues to do things that don't seem possible.

Alpine skiing a different way

Alpine skiing as we know is already a difficult sport to participate in. You have to use all your strength and muscle to control your body and dodge the obstacles in your way. As a double leg amputee Heath uses a sled that has one ski on it and he is strapped into it. In addition to the ski on the bottom he hold two skis in his hands and balances himself with them. He leans side to side to control where he heads and uses balance to go around the flags

Active life of heath

Heath still competes in the downhill skiing events and is known as one of the best on team USA. He finished 4th as a team in Sochi for the National championship downhill alpine. He also combined for 4th in the silver super event. He goes up against the best in the world and enjoys it just like any other athlete. Heath really takes pride in what he does and it makes us all realize how lucky we are. This is what he lives for and its also what he devotes his time to throughout his life.

Sochi Olympics 2014

The 2014 Sochi Olympics were held at the Fisht Olympic stadium. They were on the date of February 7 and just over 40,000 people were in attendance. These were for the regular Olympic games and the special Olympics were held 3 weeks later. During the opening act there were 5 rings that were supposed to come down and open into the 5 Olympic rings. One of the rings did not expand because of a error in the system. The opening events were entertaining to all people and all of the athletes from Heath to Phelps enjoyed the ceremony.

Competition of the Olympics

The Olympic games are a time where all the elite athletes in the world come together and compete for their country. Some countries are better than others but in the end it brings all of the nations in the world together at peace. The athletes in the events all get to know each other and become familiar with one and other. Heath and his team USA take on the best and preform at the top level. Heath says that the service in the military and ski racing is very similar because in both ways he can represent his country.

Symbolic theory

The sports that are done by these athletes are a huge step in our society and in our technological advances. We have now allowed our athletes to compete even when being injured permanently. This shows that our world is advancing and better and better technology is coming out to do different things. People like Heath are now available to do things that were never imaginable before like skiing or participate in the Olympics. We as a society realize this opens a new world of possibilities and ideas for the future of our sports.

Moving Forward

Heath and all of the other athletes like him show unstoppable courage to do what they do. They are put on a stage in front of the world and are asked to perform at their best every time they race or compete. The world today is now opening up new windows of opportunity for people who cant participate in normal sports. They have been helped out by willing people and shown the utmost respect by all people to do their best and compete for anyone even if its just their family. We all notice the valiant efforts they put forth and support them in anything they need help with.