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The Countdown

When we return from spring break, we will only have 2 weeks until our writing STAAR tests. These two weeks will be jam packed with learning, extensions, classroom activities, and reviews. Your child might come home mentally exhausted, so the more rest they can get over their break the better!

Remember that the writing test is a 2 day assessment. The first day consists of about 20 multiple choice questions that are tied to writing samples AND THEN they must complete either an expository paper or a personal narrative paper in its entirety. The following day, they will complete another 20 multiple choice questions and another writing paper.

We do not know in which order they will write their papers, but one day will be expository and the other will be personal narrative.

They will do amazing and I can't wait to see them all succeed!

Many Blessings,

Destine' Grobe

Spring Break Homework =(

Some students did not complete an expository paper for me this week and therefore it became homework for them over spring break. Please ask your child if they completed their "favorite invention" expository paper and help them to remember it is due Monday when they return! I asked those who didn't finish to write a reminder in their planner to help them, but a gentle reminder from a parent might also be great for some kids! =)


A HUGE shout out goes to Mrs. Michelle Hellquist for buying our classroom a pencil sharpener, and not only that got a 2 year warranty on it. So my kids will be sharpening pencils with ease for the next 2 years thanks to her!

You rock and we appreciate you so very much!

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