Introduction to Masabi, a Country of Capitalism

People should live in Masabi because we offer individuality and the choice of owning you own business that is not owned by the government. Our government is here to aid you in your success- not to take advantage of you. Your voice can be heard with our system of supply and demand; meaning the production of goods is determined by the people's demand for the product. Here in Masabi you have the freedom to be successful, as long as you do not harm those around you!


Some may say that Capitalism puts a lot of emphasis on social class and creates a division between rich and poor. But truthfully, it is up completely up to an individual and their will if they want to put the work into achieving success in this economy.


There is freedom in capitalism. A chance for every individual to be successful. And that is why you should want to live in Masabi. A country of capitalism.
Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History #33