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  • Sign up for Project Innovate classes
  • Unblocking blogs
  • Twitter Chat is back!
  • Technology and Learning for an Interconnected World
  • Battle of the Books live stream URL for this Thursday's competition
  • 2017 Global Student Conference
  • TCEA Area 10 & 11 Technology Conference
  • Connect with us on social media

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Sign Up Now For Project Innovate

Attend Project Innovate training to receive your district issued iPad. It is open to all Birdville ISD Staff.

February and April classes are open for registration in Eduphoria Workshop. Click the links below to register now.

February 28th

April 18th

Note: An admission ticket is required for training. You will receive an email one week prior to training with activities you must complete to fill in your admission ticket. You must attend the full 2 hours to receive your Project Innovate iPad. Sessions begin at 4:00 or 4:30. Be sure to register for one that will allow you to arrive at the BISD Technology Department Training lab in time for the beginning of your session.

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My blog is suddenly being blocked by the BISD internet content filter! What's going on?!!?

Yes, unfortunately our Lightspeed filter must begin categorizing all blogs on as "ADULT" due to new widespread publication of pornography on Google Blogger sites. This change implements the highest level of filtering in order to protect all students.

Get your blog back! You can quickly and easily submit your blogspot URL address to request it be re-categorized as EDUCATION instead of ADULT.

If there are other blogs you refer to as a teacher, you can submit those to have them unblocked as well.

Once you submit, your blog should be unblocked within 5 minutes


1. Go to this web address:

2. Type in your URL address

3. Type in your email address

4. Request your blog be re-categorized as "EDUCATION"

(see screenshots below)

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This semester we are trying something new with our Twitter Chats. Instead of every Tuesday evening we will host one chat on the LAST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH.
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Twitter Chat: January 31, 2017

Topic: The MOST EFFECTIVE Uses of Technology to Advance Student Learning

The technology for the BISD Bond will be completed in Fall 2017.

Here are some questions we need to consider:

1. What are the most powerful and effective uses of technology for student learning?

2. What knowledge and skills would a teacher need to be able to design these learning opportunities for their students?

3. How can we best support teachers with personalized professional learning that empowers them to design these types of instructional opportunities for their students?

Let's talk about these and more on our first Twitter Chat of the new year, Tuesday January 31st.

8:00 - 8:30 pm

Please encourage everyone to join in!

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Technology and Learning for an Interconnected World

Click the link below to listen to the audio podcast where educational leaders share the most impactful ways to utilize technology to support learning and foster relationships with students. We would love for you to share what you learn using #BirdvilleLearns!
XQ Expert Series: Technology and Learning for an Interconnected World
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2016-2017 Birdville Battle of the Books Live Stream

Can't be at the competition this Thursday? That's OK. Here is the URL where you can catch the broadcast live stream. Be sure to share this with family members who can't attend, as well.

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2017 Global Student Conference

The 2017 Global Student Conference, a student-organized event, will be held ONLINE on Saturday March 4th, 2017, and feature keynote speakers and crowdsourced presentations by students in grades 6-12 and college. There is no cost to participate or attend.

The theme for this year is "STEM + Entrepreneurship." The event provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion, and sharing of best practices in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and entrepreneurship in schools and other academic settings, including:

  • Fostering a better understanding of how STEM and entrepreneurship engage students, teachers, and administrators in a conversation about learning.
  • Assisting teachers and administrators in understanding how STEM and entrepreneurship impact learning both in and out of the classroom.
  • Strengthening the relationship between students, teachers, and administrators about STEM + entrepreneurship in the curriculum.

Sign up at to register to attend, to be kept informed, or to submit a proposal.

The call for proposals for the conference is now open, and submissions will be accepted on a first-come basis. While everyone is invited to attend the actual event, conference session proposals will only be accepted from students!

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TCEA Area 10 & 11 Technology Conference

Connect, collaborate, and gain new ideas with TCEA Area 10 & 11.

Join our area educators and our special guest keynote speakers, Tom Kilgore (ESC 11) and Kasey Bell (ESC 10).

Click here for more information about the conference.

TCEA is looking for presenters and encourage you to share your ideas with us.

Click here to submit a proposal to present.

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We're here to help and learn with you!

Kelli Montgomery @KelliM11, Director of Digital Learning

Cheryl McKnight @cherylmck, Coordinator of Digital Learning


Jennifer Canizares @jcanny72

Birdville, WT Francisco, Binion, Mullendore, Snow Heights, Porter

Toni Hylander @technologytoni

Smithfield, Cheney, Stowe, Watauga, North Ridge, Walker Creek

Jeff Samuelson @jeff_samuelson

David E Smith, Richland, West Birdville, Holiday Heights, Hardeman, ACFT

Jennifer Miller @steamlearnlab,

Learning Resources Specialist, Green Valley Spicer, Foster Village


Michael Hanson @Hansonits

Haltom HS, Haltom MS, Richland MS, North Ridge MS, North Oaks MS

Rashel Larson @rashellarson

BCTAL, Smithfield MS, North Richland MS, Central Office Administration

Tosh McGaughy @ToshMcGaughy

Richland HS, Birdville HS, Watauga MS, Raising Blended Learners Support

Karen Teeters @karenteeters222

Online Learning Specialist, All Middle and High Schools, Shannon HS