Happy Hump Day!!!


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60 days 'til summer break! (*Including weekends*)


"The more our self worth declines, the more our fear of failure grows."

- Tom Krause

As a part of recent professional development for counselors, I had the priviledge of listening to Tom Krause, former coach, retired educator from Nixa, and author of the book Teen's Guide to NOT being Perfect, speak about the most important lessons we can teach our students that have nothing to do with academics. One of the lessons he challenged us to teach our students is worth.

So many of our students come to us beaten down from others in their lives with little self-worth remaining. In return, we are likely to see them stalled by fear and very unwilling to take risks in school. Think of your own life. Do we seek to take positive risks when think very little of ourselves and lack a support system? Or is it in times that we are being built up by others and view ourselves in a positive light that we branch out, push ourselves, and try new things? In order to see our students taking academic risks that could produce huge improvements, we must be building up their self-worth. My best teachers in life were the ones who consisitently added value to me and encouraged me to celebrate all efforts, even my failures because at least I tried.

Thank you for being "self-worth builders" for our students!

Team Sweeny ROCKS!