Peyton Manning

biography by Jaxson james

peyton manning (early life)

peyton grew up in a football home ,his father Archie manning NFL hall of fame player played for the New Orleans saints.Growing up his Father never really wanted him and his two brothers to play football until they were older.they started playing for there school team as soon as they could. him and his oldest brother played together all through high school ,they connected very well become a dynamic duo to go for 73 catches and over a 1000 yards together. peyton threw 23 touchdowns that year.his brother graduated that year and was superpose to go to old miss and peyton was to go the next year, but a problem arose when cooper was diagnosed with spinal stenosis ending his football career. peyton was devastated about this,but did not let it effect him . he later decided to take a full scholarship from Tennessee university (the volunteers).

peyton manning ( college life )

peyton manning didn't get to start in college untill the forth game of his freshman year.he went 7 and 1 and threw for over 1400 yards that season.he started every game of his college career after that season .by his third year every NLF team wanted him but peyton played it smart and stayed in college for his last year .

peyton manning (NFL life)

As expected peyton manning went as the first overall pick of the 1998 NFL draft for the indianapolis colts. there he played thirteen amazing seasons only to be injured in his fourteen season and released bye the colts that year. he signed a five year contract with the denver broncos during the off season and immediately made and impact taking over for tim tebow.ones in his three years he's been in denver has he taken them to the super bowl only to be utterly stomped bye the sea hawks 48-3.he has had a hard career and had good times and bad but it's not over yet he still has at least one more year to prove himself to the NFL


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