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Paonia K-8 School

Paonia K-8 School Info

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At PK8, we value Trustworthiness

In our school mottos "SOARING with PRIDE & HEART", SOARING stands for: Safety, Order, Achievement, Respect, Individuality, Neighborly, Growth. These are all incorporated into our school mission statement.

HEART & PRIDE are our school values.

The 'T' in HEART in our school motto stands for TRUSTWORTHINESS.

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These Paonia K-8 Students are recognized as Exceptional Eagles for their efforts in Safety, Order, Achievement, Respect, Individuality, Neighborly and Growth. Pictured from left to right, beginning in the back row: Raelynn Farnsworth, Kayla Lubin, Sayde Wegner, Sayde Allen, Allie Littlejohn, Ava Hayden, Principal Baldwin, Adam Reavis, Ruby Wegner, Jack Stites, Iver Langston, Carly Lehman, Payten Katzer, and Zane Brewer.

Leadership Recognition

Congratulations to the following students for receiving a leadership certificate so far this school year.

Students whose names are bolded were randomly selected to receive Eagle Gear! 8th Graders get to choose between Eagle Gear or Miners Gear!

6th Grade

Sierra Puharich

Ben Johnson

*Itzzel Audelo Garcia

Cartier Antonez

Amara Tooker

Perla Mojarro

Adrian Dennison

Emberlee Viera

7th Grade

Taydin Petitt

Bella Serio

Laila Heredia

Presley Kunde

8th Grade

Brayden Hendrix

Jordan Lowe

Deja White (2x)

*Lane Arterburn

Max Peluso

Levi Kuntz

Family Academic Support Night

We would like to host a family academic support night.

Please let us know any component of school that you would like to receive more information/training on. Some of our ideas are a PowerSchool info session, homework strategies, literacy, IXL info session, etc. We would like to hear from you about what you would like. We would provide a light dinner and child care at the evening event!

Please submit your ideas/requests here: Family Academy Support Night Ideas/Requests

Getting ONE hour of IXL math practice in each week!


How time per week is calculated:

The time count starts on Saturday and runs through Friday morning. If students start on Saturday, it is only 10 minutes per day of work. If they wait until Monday to start, it is 15 minutes a day. If they’re not done by Friday morning, teachers work with them during their plan time to make sure they finish.

Read every night! Your child has reading goals set depending on his/her grade level.

Check in with your child and/or your child's teacher for these goals. Some grade levels have time of reading, some are by pages--simply ask the teacher.

2nd Grade ELA: tara.cox@deltaschools.com and tracy.bushta@deltaschools.com

3rd Grade ELA: tammie.benson@deltaschools.com

4th Grade ELA: anjula.jalan@deltaschools.com

5th Grade ELA: anjula.jalan@deltaschools.com and micaiah.mcintire@deltaschools.com

6th Grade ELA: micaiah.mcintire@deltaschools.com

7th & 8th Grade ELA: ellie.roberts@deltaschools.com

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4th and 5th Grade Science and STEAM Labs! (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

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7th Grade Science Experiments! With REAL goldfish!

The Hoop Shoot was a success!

Final Results (PK8 Students in Bold):

8-9 Girls
Kiley Dawes 1st Place
Lilianny Guzman 2nd Place

8-9 Boys
Donald Schult
Hunter Gaston
Beckham Reedy
Paxson Allison 1st Place
Alder Inman
Robert Miller 2nd Place

10-11 Girls
Meri Hollembeak 1st Place
Rebecca Emmons 2nd Place
Brea Fortin
Braylena Hamby
Emberlee Vierra
Bella Bowers

10-11 Boys
Konnor Crawford 1st Place
Easton Zeldenthius
Ryan Straub
Roland Taylor

Jack Holder 2nd Place
Gage McGraw

12-13 Girls
Alyssa Lovelace 2nd Place
Madison Shiftlet
Jaclyn Polson
Annabelle Gargiulo
Tyreen Farnsworth 1st Place
Ashley Pantoja-Torres

12-13 Boys
Kaleb Crawford 2nd Place
Caleb Garcia
Nolan Halthausen
David Audelo Garcia 1st Place
Angel Montes

Honor Roll

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Mrs. Patricia and Emmett switch roles!

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Dressed as Mrs. Simpson

Dressed as students!

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Mr. Bushta!

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Dressed as Mr. Burns

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Dressed as Mrs. Bushta!

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Dressed as Mrs. Rienks and dressed as a typical student!

School Board Meeting Information

During the School Board Meeting, we will be recognizing students who showed academic excellence on CMAS in 2021, and they will be recognized with a medal. We will communicate information to these families next week.

Additionally, we will have special recognition of our custodial staff, lunch crew, secretaries, and our school counselor! We greatly appreciate the incredible efforts and work of these teams in our school. We will recognize these staff members with a special gift.

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Powderhorn Ski Days

Mark your calendars!

3rd-5th: February 18

6th-8th: March 4 & March

Additional details and information will be sent out later this month.

*Lesson, ticket and rental $70.00

*Lesson, ticket or rental $65.00

*Lesson only $60.00

Forms Available in the Office

  • Pee Wee Wrestling

Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal