Cardiac Diet

By Nick Fansler

Information on the Diet

The Cardiac Diet is based on high amounts of exercise and a limited amount of caloric intakes. The diet focuses on nutritional supplements that will increase blood production and increase heart health. The main supplements used are Coenzyme C10, L Carnitine, Ribose, and Magnesium.

The Diet does not include a meal plan. It is based solely on taking the supplements, named above, because they help with heart health. A diet is not needed because these supplements will make sure that you burn the calories you intake during the day.


The diet works to produce extra energy for the body's muscles and will make your heart pump faster, getting more blood to necessary parts of the body. However in some people, the diet has shown to cause some people to have reported that their blood pressure went up when on this diet. And also some reported a lowered appetite when on this diet.

Over the long term, the diet can cause you to have a raised blood pressure, however it will ultimately help your heart health and lead to a prolonged life.