Spring Concert Strike Policy

3 and you're out!


This week we will begin our 12 week process of learning and choreographing our spring concert "Believe!" Every year I have a strike policy that is activated during this time. Three strikes will result a student not being able to perform in the show, thus having to do a very lengthy and time consuming make-up assignment. If a student is in violation of any of the following, they will be given a strike:

1) Failure to follow classroom rules (chewing gum, eating, cell phones out during rehearsal, disrespect towards the teacher or another student, and profanity)

2) Not being on task or saying that they do not feel like participating.

3) Doing assignments from another class

4) Not working well with peers


Dues are imperative in order for a student to receive their spring concert t-shirt and be eligible to perform in the shows.

1st time chorus students: If your student sold 2 boxes of chocolate then their dues have been covered (as long as that money was turned in)

Returning chorus member who has to purchase a uniform: If your student sold two boxes of chocolate that went to their uniform and $35.00 must still be paid.

Returning chorus member who already has a uniform: If your student sold 1 or 2 boxes then they have covered all expenses needed for chorus.